Sunrise Mount Bromo Charm of Kingkong Hill


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Beautiful view of Mount Bromo seemed to have no end to be explored from different angles and different locations. During this time enjoying the sunrise (sunrise) at Mount Bromo become a magnet of tourists to visit the place. Penanjakan, at an altitude of 2,700 meters above sea level, often known as a destination to watch the sunrise. When a holiday or a week, where the number of visitors very much then certainly Penanjakan 1 no longer able to accommodate visitors. Hill with a maximum capacity of 3,000 people was so uncomfortable again to enjoy the sunrise. Though its capacity is only 2,000 people. (Read also Gunung Bromo Travel of Malang)


KINGKONG hills or hill Setya is one alternative location now becoming popular with tourists to enjoy the sunrise in the region of Mount Bromo. Location Kingkong Hill was lower than Pananjakan at an altitude of 2,600 meters above sea level, but still be able to see the sunrise. It lies about 800 meters from Penanjakan. With views are no less interesting than Penanjakan, Kingkong Hill visited by many tourists, especially when Penanjakan 1 is already crowded by visitors. Facilities and infrastructure in Kingkong Hill already built like a road is paved and has been fenced off. So visitors can point to view it without having huddled Pananjakan. But when the visitor started a little slow, usually Monday through Thursday then Penanjakan 1 remains the top choice compared to attraction Kingkong Hill. In addition, the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) also will build Chrysanthemum and Bukit Bukit Bukit Cinta right under KINGKONG or its location just above Pananjakan 2.


KINGKONG hill became known about the last three years. Kingkong Hill usually visited by tourists after enjoying the beautiful sunrise from the summit Penanjakan. For the location of visitors simply need to walk about 200 meters from the edge of the road, where cars drop off passengers. If from Penanjakan to Kingkong Hill, just down a paved road downhill. Arriving at an intersection, take the left. When walking downhill, visitors can enjoy mountain pine trees on both sides of the trail that had been installed paving. Arriving at the place, visitors can enjoy the sunrise safely from behind the fence artificial adult chest height. Mount Bromo and the surrounding scenery is very flexible, and location is more loose and cleaner than Penanjakan. In Kingkong Hill, with a capacity of about 1,000 people, up to now had never experienced overload.

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how to go to bromo from surabaya bali yogyakarta malang singapore trekking hiking camping package price guide itinerary hotel near adventure indonesia rock climbing national park sans without guide south east asia volcano trek

KINGKONG hills scenery at sunrise is not less beautiful with Penanjakan. On a sunny morning without fog, perched on a hill KINGKONG as if he were standing on a cloud. In this area, we could see the beauty of Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru sea and sand as well as residential areas in Probolinggo from a different point of view other point. It is surrounded by steep cliffs make it very beautiful and not to be missed. While looking at the beautiful scenery, we can also enjoy specialty coffee and fried warm Tengger sold by local residents.


Around 03:30 am, orange lines start to appear on the eastern horizon. Although thin, the color of the light attention of all eyes. Its rays led to various shades in the sky before dark. In Kingkong Hill movement of the sun can be followed clearly. Around 05.30 the dawn of slightly widening followed the sun coming out from behind the horizon. As if pushed aside the curtain that covered Mount Bromo, Mount Batok and Semeru peak.


From a distance began to appear tinge of pink mixed with orange in the sky in the eastern horizon. With increasing time, the changing colors of silver increasingly assertive become golden. In the far eastern sky there, the sky looked like a beautiful tapestry that is decorated with a variety of colors are combined to create the beauty that is full of harmony. In an instant, the scenery around that it was dark and vaguely began to look brighter. One by one, the landscape began to appear obvious. Mount Bromo, Mount Batok and Mount Semeru increasingly assertive look. Similarly, white clouds that adorn the slopes and peaks, further adds to the beauty of nature around. And finally as the sun appeared, the sky became bright and beautiful natural scenery unfold clear.


This spot is called the Mount KINGKONG as one of the cliffs that stand out in the hills if the observed longer resembles the head and face KINGKONG. That is why many are calling this spot as Kingkong Hill. Naturally sculpted cliffs that it is right behind the guardrail visitor to stand. Protruding rocks and resemble some of its niche as the eyes and nose KINGKONG.


Once satisfied to see the sunrise and the sun began to rise, visitors can try out these trekking to the Mount chrysanthemum, about 500 meters below the Mount KINGKONG. The place is often referred to as Penanjakan 2. Although it was close but the road around the hill create a route that should close should be taken approximately 30 minutes. The walkways leading to the Hill Chrysanthemum unspoiled without paving layer. Dust and natural stones so foothold when treking. Along the way visitors can stop to observe the beauty of Bromo and sea of sand that lie beneath the distances are closer.


Up to Hill Chrysanthemum take time to sit down to rest while enjoying the mountain with an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level. Chrysanthemum hill could be an alternative in which the photograph when trying to capture Mount Bromo and Mount Batok closer and with a different angle. Already there is a gazebo and a seating area in Bukit Chrysanthemum artificial. If a weekend or long holidays, the parking lot to Penanjakan first vehicle to get here. For visitors it is better to Kingkong Hill or Penanjakan 2 (Hill Chrysanthemum) rather than visitors walk up about 700 meters and missed the sunrise or jostling with other visitors.


For the location of Kingkong Hill, visitors can pass through multiple paths, among others from the path Wonokitri Pasuruan. It could also track Cemorolawang, District Ngadisari, Probolinggo and of Ngadas Village, District Poncokusumo, Malang. Visitors can adjust the path of the location of their departure from Pasuruan, Probolinggo or Malang. If you’re already at the entrance of the three lines had, visitors will have no trouble finding rented jeep. Indeed, since 2012 TNBTS restricting private vehicles entering the area TNBTS. Visitors enough to the entrance only. From there visitors can hire a motorcycle or jeep with different rates. Passengers enough to call the address that will be addressed at each of the driver of the vehicle.


If from the village Ngadas tariff is Rp 600 thousand per car for six passengers. Departing from Ngadas to Penanjakan at 02.00 am. The route started from Penanjakan to see the sunrise, then back to the Bromo and the last to see the Sand Whisper savannah. If you want to ride motorcycles also, the tariff ranges from Rp 100-200 thousand of Cemorolawang to Penanjakan. Usually around 10:00 am tour will enjoy the sunrise over. (See also Tourism Village Ngadas)


Over at Ngadas do not rush to immediately head home. There are many interesting things in the village who have been there since the 1700s. In the village with an altitude of 2,100 meters above sea level, visitors can see the people to farm on sloping land located in the hills. Agricultural land here is always on the edge of a hill with a slope of about 30 degrees. Most residents work as farmers potatoes. For hundreds of years the villagers to stick to traditional Tengger, can not sell the land to residents outside of Tengger. Practical farmland that exists today barely changed in number to hundreds of years ago.


The view of citizens who wear gloves as an attribute of the everyday. If you want to fulfill the experience into the Tengger, residents also rent the house as a homestay with a tariff of Rp 200 thousand per room for one night. There are around 35 homestays in Ngadas with the same rates and cleanliness are maintained. However, visitors should not come when religious holidays taking place, such as when Kasada ceremony. Besides homestay will be full, with visitors Tengger atmosphere will also change crowded. If you’re going to come when Kasada should already booked homestay and jeep.

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